The DDL Foundation was registered on July 27, 2010 as a Specially authorized Society under the Friendly Societies Act, Chapter 36:04.This was in keeping with a decision of the Board of Directors of the DDL Group of Companies to create a foundation that would in essence “assist and advance the educational opportunities of children who, based on criteria set out by a Select Committee of the Board, are eligible to receive scholarships, bursaries and other benefits to commence, continue and/or further their education.”


Our goal is to contribute to the intellectual and social development of Guyana’s youth.


The DDL Foundation, for the past five years, has been assisting a select group of students to attend secondary school by underwriting most of the school associated costs.In his address to the attendees at the Foundation’s Annual Fundraising dinner, the Chairman of DDL succinctly described the Foundation’s work when he said, “...the foundation is not merely helping but it is
helping where help is most critically needed, and that is, to change the lives of children with ability, but lack the means to capitalize on their natural gifts to make their lives better.”