Foundation Program


The DDL Foundation selects five students each year based on a criteria developed by the

Board of Directors. An advertisement is placed in the media which outlines the basis for selection as follows:

i. Students must be in the top 2% after successfully completing the

NGSE examination.

ii. Parents must demonstrate their need for financial assistance.
- Parents are required to give information such as, type of family (nuclear, single parent), income, monthly expenditure, student’s average expenditure per term among other information. Parents are also asked to give any special circumstance that would make the child even more eligible for assistance.

Interested persons who have met the criteria are asked to submit an application form, accompanied by a letter written by the child and his/her NGSE results slip.

The applications are thoroughly vetted. Applicants who have not met the criteria for selection are eliminated. Applicants who have passed this phase are invited to an interview.

Both parents and students are interviewed by members of The Board of Directors of the Foundation. At the interview, points are awarded based on a set of criteria. The five students with the most points are selected and granted the DDL Foundation Scholarship award.


The DDL Foundation provides financial assistance and mentoring to its students throughout their Secondary school years.


The Foundation covers the full cost of transportation to and from school and textbooks for each child. Expenses such as uniforms, school shoes, school bags, physical education wear and stationery are covered on a reimbursable basis. . The Foundation also pays the CSEC examination fees for its students.



The Foundation currently provides scholarships to 26 students. Thesestudents joined the Foundation at a critical time in their development,the transition from childhood into adolescence, and require much more than financial assistance. The DDL Foundation has over the years
tried to aid this transition through its mentoring dimension. Currently, volunteers from the DDL management staff comprise the team of mentors. Mentor/Mentee interaction is governed by a “Guide for Mentors”, created by the Board of Directors of the Foundation. The Mentorship program provides a framework within which each child can be monitored and given individual attention.



Presently, the Foundation receives income from Fundraising Activities and the committed employees of Demerara Distillers Ltd who donate a portion of their salaries every month.The Annual Fundraising Dinner is the Foundation’s most lucrative Fundraising event.